Master Data Designer

The data designer's power tool

What is Master Data Designer?

Integrated Development Environment for Complex Master Data
  • Master Data Designer understands dependencies and relations in your data. It allows you to navigate at ease between different data elements, and it flags conflicts and inconsistencies for your resolution.
  • Master Data Designer features rich data import and export functionalities. It integrates data from different sources, enabling to evolve it in a coherent manner, and creates extracts based on the needs of different applications.
Version Control System for Structured Data
  • Master Data Designer allows you to work on as many current and future versions of your master data in parallel, all while ensuring consistency. It distinguishes between the date you make a change, and the date the changed data becomes active, enabling to store a change as soon as you know about it, without impacting current operations.
  • Master Data Designer offers a full audit trail of all changes, offering full insight into which change was done when by whom and for which reason, and which versions were affected.
Easy to Use Data Modelling and Data Design Editor
  • The editors are designed for the needs of business users, offering simple and intuitive mechanisms to enter and validate data, define data models and consistency rules, and identify data elements requiring attention.
  • Master Data Designer understands the language of business users, supporting complex data types such as hierarchies, tuples, sets, and lists, and a wealth of industry-domain specific data types as well as custom data types.
Collaboration Platform
  • Master Data Designer allows multiple users to work in parallel on a data set, with conflicts and inconsistencies being flagged for resolution, and no change being lost.
  • Master Data Designer features mechanisms to publish a draft data set for review, collect feedback from many stakeholders, and to consolidate all feedback into a single view for resolution by the designer.

High-Value Uses

  • Maintain financial instrument master data for securities operations with complex data structures, large number of changes, and varying validity dates, generating consistent data sets by validity date to be deployed to different applications, ensuring securities transactions are processed correctly.
  • Maintain business partner master data for securities operations (exchanges, clearing houses, custodians) with many attributes, ensuring correct decisions on which transaction is routed where with which attributes.
  • Define charts of accounts for financial accounting with many dimensions and attributes, separated by accounting period and with well-understood changes between periods.
  • Define job profiles with corresponding system access rights for deployment into user authorization systems with full audit trail over all changes.
  • Maintain customization tables for standard software with full historization, supporting the transition to new software releases with new customization attributes, and master data rollback during testing.

mimicry's Solution ...

Endless time

Time-dependent versioning of all data

  • All data including data models and consistency rules are versioned, enabling to evolve data sets in all respects in parallel, without cut-over dates or data migrations
  • Bi-temporal data management distinguishes validity date from date of change, enabling to capture changes once they are known, impacting only versions from the specified validity date onwards
Designer tools

Rigorous focus on the needs of master data designers

  • Easy to use data design-specific functionalities such as overview of changes/delta reports and complex data types such as tuples, sets, or hierarchies
  • Integrated business-user oriented data modelling, consistency checking, and data entry in one seamless environment
  • Support of agile, iterative data design processes, with inconsistencies being treated as unavoidable, temporary artefacts of designing and changing complex data sets, flagged for human resolution
  • Configurable access rights by user and flagging of inconsistencies triggered by different users enables to update data sets in teams without missing conflicting changes
Encyclopedia as source of truth

Single source of data and full audit trail

  • All versions of a data set are kept in one place, avoiding inconsistencies due to different files being updated in parallel
  • Full audit trail enables to recreate any earlier state and to determine when and why a specific change was made
Naturally consistent structures

Consistent output data sets, integrable with other tools

  • Output of consistent data sets with a given validity date, at any point in time, as well as delta data sets between any such versions
  • Industry-standard data exchange formats JSON, XML, CSV, and XLS
  • Open web APIs for integration with CI/CD environments as well as other tools

... Goes Beyond Competing Products

... vs. End-User Computing Tools

  • All versions of data in one place instead of in multiple files
  • Ability to compare different versions, flagging differences, conflicts, and inconsistencies
  • Full audit trail of all changes, across all versions and all users
  • Support for complex data types such as lists, sets, tuples, and hierarchies

... vs. Master Data Management (MDM) Systems

  • Overviews of the complete data set
  • Delta reports between data sets rather than at individual data element level
  • Approval and release of a data set as a separate step after design is complete and consistent

... vs. Data Modelling Tools

  • Ease of use for business experts without deep technical skills
  • Integration of data modelling and data design/data entry

... vs. Software Package Specific Tools

  • Coverage of complex, cross-application data sets
  • Decoupling of design and actual implementation in the operational systems

Master Data Designer's Key Features

Unlimited versions in parallel

Unlimited versions, evolving in parallel

Delta-reporting between versions

Delta-reporting between any versions and against external data sources

Unlimited hierarchies

Unlimited hierarchies of records, easy to handle with drag-and-drop

Configurable consistency checks

End-user configurable data consistency checking at field, record, data set and cross-data set level

Full audit trail

Full audit trail of changes, including across versions

Rich data types

Rich data types

  • Sets, lists
  • Predefined general and domain-specific types
  • Computed data fields
Simple adaptability

Simple adaptability to evolving needs

Conflict notification

Notification of potential conflicts between changes triggered at different times or by different users, across versions

Configurable access rights

Configurable access rights by user and by change status for each data set

Adaptable import/export

Adaptable import and export from and to industry-standard data formats, and through web APIs

Master Data Designer's System Architecture

System Architecture based on Versioned Data Repository

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