Create your Master Data without headaches

The Master Data Designer helps you to design and maintain Master Data in a traceable, error-free and time-efficient way. Through versioning, validation rules and flexible analyses, the tool guarantees outstanding data quality and promotes collaboration.

Ensuring harmonized, consistent and complete data

Are you currently managing your Master Data using spreadsheets and facing difficulties tracking changes? Are you encountering challenges when integrating your Master Data with third-party systems? With the Master Data Designer, you can tackle your challenges altogether.
Versioning & Snapshots
Edit multiple versions in one place simultaneously, while having the option to retrieve any previous state. Changes among versions can be easily identified with Delta-View.
Flexible Import & Export
Import and export your data seamlessly and automatically in your desired formats, tailored to meet the requirements of your users and third-party systems.

Use Case: Designing Group Chart of Accounts

Design your group chart of accounts in a traceable, error-free and time-efficient way.

It has never been easier to manage, edit, and compare complex, structured data in multiple versions, check for consistency based on rules, and export in different formats for different users and third-party systems, such as SAP S/4HANA GR, at the push of a button.

Standard View

In Standard View, you always keep the overview of your group chart of accounts. You find all data versions with different validity dates organized in one place. In this view, you can directly manage and edit the various tabs of your datasets.

Delta View

Delta View allows you to compare different versions quickly and easily. In the process, different working states are compared line by line, whereas changes are highlighted in red. With this view, you always maintain a clear overview of how the versions differ from each other.

Consistency Checks

By applying configurable rule-based checks, users can ensure that all data entries comply with requirements and possible regulations. This feature allows the immediate detection and correction of contradictory or inconsistent changes in your data, ensuring high data quality and minimizing the risk of errors.

Analysis Capabilities

The powerful analysis capabilities for complex data, such as sets and hierarchies, enable the detection of insights that often remain hidden in conventional analyses. Evaluations and filters can be applied across multiple dimensions to quickly and easily provide users with the desired insights.

Data Export for Excel-Sheets

The data managed in the tool can be exported at the click of a button for various purposes. Users can export their data into the desired formats using preconfigured templates. In this example, data was exported to Excel sheets for internal communication.

Upload Files for Third-Party Systems

The generation of upload files for third-party systems, as exemplified here with FSItems for SAP S/4HANA GR, ensures seamless integration and data exchange between different systems. This data export creates files specifically tailored to the requirements of the target system.

What is the Master Data Designer?

The Master Data Designer is a unique tool, rigorously designed to meet the needs of data designers, with the goal of simplifying their work and ensuring high data quality within the organization.

The tool combines version control for structured data with data design and validation features, along with a collaboration platform. Business analysts can configure it in a few steps to manage various Master Data, such as the chart of accounts, and can easily import existing data. This also works across multiple third-party systems with dependent master data.

Dense representation of data in a configurable view

Gain an overview without scrolling or changing pages, and utilize views that highlight individual aspects.

Powerful filtering, comparison, and analysis capabilities.

Easily navigate through large datasets with filters, comparisons, and cross-dimensional analyses.

Configurable consistency rules

Discover where data contradicts consistency rules and correct it before transferring it to operational systems.

Audit trail

Always keep track of who made which changes at any given time.

Time machine

Restore any previous working state, compare it with the current state, and revert to any previous working state.

Flexible import & export

Import and export data for different users and third-party systems.

Complex data types

Use complex data types such as sets and hierarchies to represent relationships in the data in a clear and understandable manner.


Work on data across various organizational units and individuals.

Single source of truth

Manage all versions and information about changes in one place, avoiding reconciliation activities between different sources.

Discover the unique capabilities of the Master Data Designer

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